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Bitcoin (rated C+) gets excellent scores for security and widespread adoption. But it is encountering major network bottlenecks, causing delays and high transactions costs. Despite intense ongoing efforts that are achieving some initial success, Bitcoin has no immediate mechanism for promptly upgrading its software code. Ethereum (B), the second most widely adopted cryptocurrency, benefits from more readily upgradable technology and better speed, despite some bottlenecks. Novacoin (D) and SaluS (D) are weak in terms of both technological innovation and adoption. Steem (😎 enjoys a relatively good balance of moderate strength in nearly all the key factors considered along with a social network feature.

@EthereumCN 然而很静...

#1 Bitcoin - BTC $6302.88 USD (-22.54%) 1.0 BTC Market cap: $106 Billion #2 Ethereum - ETH $623.505 USD (-24.78%) 0.0993146 BTC Market cap: $61 Billion #3 Ripple - XRP $0.628312 USD (-21.46%) 0.00010008 BTC Market cap: $25 Billion #4 Bitcoin Cash - BCH $813.462 USD (-27.29%) 0.129572 BTC Market cap: $14 Billion #5 Cardano - ADA $0.280602 USD (-22.01%) 0.00004470 BTC Market cap: $7 Billion

應該不能(沒有太深入),那個是ethereum 才可以

那邊東西大概是說用以太區塊鏈(Ethereum)不需要用ether (eth 貨幣) 所以以太的存在價值不大