[email protected] will review the latest in blockchain technology at #SwellbyRipple. Read his musings about the conference

[email protected] reports future banks w/o #blockchain solution will be a rarity thanks to companies like #Ripple
Buzzworthy #blockchain is attracting tourists says @bgarlinghouse
Network effects take off on RippleNet with 100+ FIs & live commercial volume. The future is here! #blockchain #IoV

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Ripple launched the new RippleNet Accelerator Incentive program. You don't want to miss this! #Blockchain #XRP

“It’s the first time in my banking career where data is the focus ... and blockchain is talked about.” - GE Capital #SwellbyRipple

“The problem that needs solving [in blockchain] is interoperability.” @justmoon #SwellbyRipple

The bitcoin "bubble" is back in the news, but blockchain is still attractive.
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No more ICO’s and the birth of hybrid blockchains – 2018 is going to be another interesting year for cryptocurrency…
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RT @whartonfintech: Packed room to learn about blockchain & crypto from @Ripple @ashgoblue @daranda @Penn @Wharton alumni $XRP

ICYMI @bgarlinghouse spoke at @blockchain_con about the ways $XRP and @interledger are revolutionizing cross-border…

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