Yep. Just wont get the quick flip I thought of but I'll learn more holding like this

It's really the start... We still got in early even at the wrong time in January

What do you guys think is the reality of Ripple and Etherium becoming noncomplianct securities with the SEC? Is this article more just FUD? Curious on your guys thoughts. 'Noncompliant securities' Ripple and Ether experienced a major blow this week as Gary Gensler, a former financial regulator for President Obama, spoke out regarding the regulatory status of Ether and Ripple. In an interview with the New York Times, he said, "there is a strong case for both of them — but particularly Ripple — that they are noncompliant securities." The main problem, which affects many other cryptocurrencies as well, is that the tokens were first offered via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), a term used to describe crowdfunding a blockchain technology or company. The fact that tokens were sold before their networks were even fully functional further complicates the issue.

haven't heard of anything like that

the cunrrent business model for news outlet won't prevent biased/fud/fomo reporting

our very own incentive program makes sure the content creators have unbiased view in current crypto events

And I don’t expect to be making money off it apart from ad revenue

By ad revenue I mean just the google ads

major drop today. Wouldnt be surprised if we see it settle around 7k. Or even sub 7

Bubble hasn’t even flattened out yet.

We shall see. Don’t think I won’t be back here posting screenshots of this in 6 months.

DLT FTW: (XRP End of year price $.23) (Lol) (Bubble hasn’t even flattened out yet) Nate: (Can you elaborate? And why $0.23 at the end of the year? Ripple labs has a lot of brilliant people on their team. Are you concerned that that XRP will be listed as a security?) Driimo: (Kinda boring to see people telling numbers without any explanations, it makes the chat completely useless. Stay safe guys, keep learn by yourself, read articled, not random guy saying it will pump in two days or dump next hour) I asked you a relatively direct question. What followed with Driimo was sort of a warning to not believe everything you read, and further, dont make decisions without doing your own homework. I think that is good advice for life in general, let alone crypto. DLT FTW: (Kind of boring facing reality. Do your research. Crypto markets going nowhere for a while. I’ve been in this space since 2012. Quit making crazy lofty price predictions because you just started in crypto and want to get rich. Face reality. There is so much overhead resistance after the last run up. Pull your head out of your ass.) If you have been in the space since 2012, maybe you could expand on why the market is going nowhere besdies just resistance. You might very well be right. But, without providing information or explanation, there isn’t a ton of value I can take from what you are saying. To believe you because you have been in the space since 2012 isn’t going to help the group. making claims is much more beneficial to the entire group when you explain your logic. (BTC will touch $2500 before it hits $30k. BTC $2500 by end of first quarter next year.) Is this a hunch? Can you provide your reasoning? (Screenshot it.) (All crypto markets - $200 billion total market cap by end of year.) (Too much reality) (And if you’re not careful 90% all of you will panic sell when the real bottom comes.) (...and, BTW, why do you all think that there was no institutional money already in the space? Hedge funds have been operating for a while. When big traders tell you the herd is coming, the herd is already here. The herd was buying before all of you fomo’d in. Now they are taking you’re money on the way down.)

XRP run lagging behind bitcoin then eventually outperforming.

The biggest issue with XRP has always been the “centralized” factor behind it. So many “anti-government/bank/institution” supporters in the crypto community will always contribute to FUD and negativity in regards to XRP until they can see past that one small issue. I think if XRP were to do another “lock down” of coins or even a coin burn it would help increase value. Or until major banks and financial institutions actually start using XRP to trade.

Dude. I’ve been watching bitcoin since $250. Everyone that got in even in the $7k’s have no idea what these bubbles do. They are just hoping for another bull run right now. They will sell when it hits 5k and keep the bear market moving.

Honestly, when these markets bottom out, they test even the strongest hands.

We aren’t even close.

I dont think it'll even go that low

9 billion to go.

A company worth 9billion.. hmmm,so what you’re saying is that figure is worthless? Really? Especially a company hasn’t even started to get going? All those institutions and banks lining to use XRP, are bad investors? Lol

If they have insider knowledge of when those events will happen PLUS enough capital to move the smaller market that exists now, they will naturally suppress the price so as to increase their own position before any of those dates

When XRP looks so promising, that even your mum (financial advisor of 27 yrs) buys in :D

I agree. The rise we've seen didn't reflect in any of the top coins. BTC even fell when XRP was slowly but constantly rising.

Well, i believe with Swell and this end of year events we may see xrp decoupling frop other tokens

Fall ?? Not even 0.05$ 🤣

I'm a true believer in XRp and crypto currency. I'm also new here so excuse my ignorance. I was wondering what you guys think of xrp eventually going global. I wonder if its possible for a country acts as a whale and manipulate an entire county's economy, not just with XRp but with other crypto too

yeah, that explains why tether is in 0.94 instead of the usual 0.99 - 1.01 value, I didn't think it was even possible!

Sibos is the global financial services networking event organised by SWIFT. The annual conference and exhibition connects more than 8,000 executives, decision makers and thought leaders from across the industry.

That is wrong. Banks usually keep a certain amount if the currencies they use to exchange money. Banks buying in on XRP would eventually raise the price. 100 billion units of a currency is not that much. It all just really depends on the XRP acceptance and the way the banks decide to use it.

I mean, we haven't seen a dollar since March, almost 8 months...

Blockchain Venturist

stabler since several hours...XRp is a safer heaven than hashed Cryptos. ASIC world is burning... The flippening has begun, IMHO.

Thing is big guys haven’t jumped yet

Big Cat
You want to buy the cheap XRP at 5$ now ???

The big price raise will happen over one night or even shorter. One or two year of bear maket are a unique buy opportunity. You nerver know how deep is the dip.

You average down your breakeven point

Is there anything indicating we might even get past 0.36 anytime soon?

We may see 1 dollar again this month

XRP is going to hit a scary number this year. Possibly $7 this time, or even $10. And the correction will bridge a new support leave of $1.50 possibly, or higher. After this bull run, XRP will maintain a dollar or higher in value.

Opencoin was even older than BTC, at least at the idea level...

Even bigger than SBI

“Myth #3 Bitcoin mining wastes lots of energyNot really because in fact Bitcoin Mining is useful on the Network to create money from computing power.That’s why Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin so people can now actually create their own cryptocurrency on Blockchain without government corruption.Every 10 minutes a Block Reward of 12.5 BTC is given to someone on the Network for solving a random math equation which is Proof-of-Work.Every four years BTC cuts in half or Halves so the next Block Reward in 2020 will be 6.25 BTC.This will drive up the price of BTC higher and 10 years from now on or so will be worth $10 million or more:In 2024, 3.125 BTC In 2028, 1.5625 BTC In 2032, 0.78125 BTCThe more the Block Reward reduces of BTC the more scarce and valuable it will become. So if you own one or more BTC and HODL you are already a millionaire.Depending on the difficulty it might take a very long time to mine only one Block. Fortunately, I was early in Mining BTC late 2009 because there wasn’t much people mining on their PCs.If you don’t understand this you won’t know why Bitcoin was created.Mining BTC doesn’t cause no air pollution or any surges in electricity, but every Christmas millions of houses lights drain out energy.In fact, there are BTC mining companies now that want to convert trash into electricity- BTC Green Mining is the future. There are others building devices to cool down Mining Rigs with mineral oil.This will save tons of energy!”

For sure...I think imm buy 55 more to make an even 100...then I get yet again on Thursday maybe but a few more

I heard about the giveaways event with title "Ripple company announces giving away 10,000,000 XRP" which works exactly like a scam. Anyone can confirm it?

Thanks Blockchain Venturist. Interesting work. Reading through it.

even if it's real it won't affect the price so don't worry😌