Do you have a lot invested

I think investing in some of the new ones will be the same next year. Ie tron, ocn, MWAT, so many

But I doubt the amount of non investors because xrp is “not a true crypto”

It has one the largest communities and the majority of people invested in crypto are here to make money now imo

What are you most worried about with your xrp investments

Are you guys invested in any other coins btw?

Yeah big finance institutions and “Wall Street investors” like xrp, but again it’s because of what the product stands for and that it’s controlled by a financial insitution

I always keep an open minded approach to things. I personally invest in xrp but I’m also open to some of the concerns raised with xrp. But I’m also open to the positives to xrp.

Ah was no focus on you my friend! :) Just saying there are alot of new investors that invest in crypto.. and they dont do any homework, just go mad when they read that xcurrent doesnt use xrp or something hehe, they should always do theire homework :) I think we will have a good week ! :)

yeah, but if ppl get confused by 4 names.. then maybe they shouldnt invest theire money ^^

Only the coin warren buffett invested in

If you still want to anybody about price and what should to do. You not really to be an investor

Greed brings in all the buyers who think they can cash in on the fomo. It’s great for those of us who are already invest in at low prices, but always bad for long term prices because fomo buyers always react to FUD and sell out too quick causing price dumps.

BTW, xlm is copy of xrp, so all your concerns about xrp goes directly to xlm also... On the other side I dont see any significant partnership on stellar side...

no, is not an exact copy and it is fully open source decentralised and no security claims at the moment. i’m also an xrp investor but they don’t pay me the bills, on xlm i have got 4x times gains.

Don’t forget that most of crypto investing is all speculation. Whales will pump when all others have been washed out. Why do you think you can never catch pumps?

Victor Bermudez: In July 2017, CBOE launched BTC Futures and in Dec-Jan 2018 BTC hit $20k On August 16, SEC will approve BTC ETF by CBOE because they promised "institutional investors" their BTC will be secured and will have insurance in case of hacking, loss of Private Key and other losses BTC will hit $50k- more by the end of December 2018 coming into January 2019 Call me crazy but it's going to happen its a repeat of 2017

Meanwhile, all the real cryptos make inroads and further technology until the tech surpasses the value of the coin. Dumb dumbs are gone and only real players watch what’s going on. They slowly accumulate and wait for the next upswing. Not a lot of players have that kind of patience or investing skill.

If you listen to smart crypto investors, they never sell everything. It’s only portfolio balance management.

Big traders also pumped the price on the potential ETF approval myth when most people knew it wouldn't be approved. Retail investors always get sucked into hype. Now traders cashing out.

200$ billion market cap for what? Investment thesis these days require some facts, do you got any?

My investment thesis is 6 years of crypto market experience.

My investment theiss says give it a couple weeks, let the Jews buy their gold and well b bak up

9 billion to go.

A company worth 9billion.. hmmm,so what you’re saying is that figure is worthless? Really? Especially a company hasn’t even started to get going? All those institutions and banks lining to use XRP, are bad investors? Lol

I think the point of this is to force as many retail investors to capitulate as possible

This is because retail investors have daily limits, whales buy OTC akd dont have limits

XRP (XRP) News Today: The Adoption of XRP Is On the Rise – The CEO of Ripple Inc. Says That Wall Street Investors Are Acquiring and HODLing XRP (XRP) At an Increased Rate – XRP/USD Price Today

Anyone been investing in VeChain?

Anyone been investing in VeChain?

Yup. XRP is number one investment, and VET is number two in my portfolio.

I needed 0.77 to recover my full investment... xD

The problem with new investors is they trade with their emotions

Well from an investors point of view, what it needs is a personal perspective and depends on when you want to cash out. :D

Hi guys, I want to start investing some money into XRP. Small money initially and then, who knows 🙂 Any guides you recommend? Is this the right time to do this? What do you recommend to use as a wallet? Thanks in advance!

Hi. Cant give you answer. It should be your decision (im using coinbase wallet and binance exchange) but you can prefere anyother wallet with xrp added (without using exchange) i have one question as long term holder: what kind of medium made you conviced to invest?

I like to invest in things that I understand

Not a bad investment long

Never invest too much, only what you can afford to loose. It's rule #1

XRP is listed on Huobi DM. Investors can start contract trading at SGT 6PM Mar. 29 of 2019

I don't invest so much in XRP. I don't have so much money to invest. But earn the some XRP with good trade at the right moment

Whatever you invested, good job. You’re about to see your capital maximize 100 times.

I invest on tech, I don't speculate.

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Is it bad practice to take extra money off your initial investment quarterly?

So if in a quarter your investments make $1000-$2000 you wouldn’t pull it out and just leave your initial investment. I get what you’re saying but why just ride the wave?

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