but didnt get it, and started ethereum

Ethereum down 17%, XRP only 14% 🙂

xrp is failing miserably, ripple labs tech is succeding, that’s why price for ripple news and xrp are not correlated, price being stagnant for 2 years proves it, no one will use xrp, we are the only crypto that went -10% since beginning of January, all coins went 300% +, Litecoin went from 30 to 100 todayBtc from 3800 to 11000 todayEthereum from 90 to 300 todayWe went from 0.50 to 0.30 Against facts we have no arguments, ripple has a lot of utility, but xrp wont be used along ripple tech, That’s what I think, I have a good amount of xrp, I was confident with it since the beginning, but seeing all other coins going parabolic while we went from 0.5 to 0.30 is heart breaking, It’s just my opinion, you can’t totally disagree, I’m waiting it to get 0.50 again some day and moving out from it, hope sbi launch don’t get delayed again, or else we will see 0.16 cents for sure