My investment thesis is 6 years of crypto market experience.

So you are short crypto futures then?

Here is my theory: imagine a whale or group of whales with enough crypto to swing a market turn. Imagine also they have insider info as to non-public but speculated facts: (1) xrapid in general goes live date(2) date JPY volume is revealed, showing huge xrapid volune (3) date SEC makes a public declaration that XRP is not a security, similar to what it has done with ETH, BTC (4) date SEC will authorize a BTC ETF approval

4 billion more in crypto market cap to sell off and we hit my mark.

True. When you buy crypto, you have to assume you are throwing it in the toilet never to see it again.

Crypto swings wild at both ends. Thats how tops and bottoms are made.

Other cryptos have been slaughtered though.

ETH and XRP are the laziest cryptos right now...

Is there any chance ripple will list on Cryptopia? Would be so much easier buying xrp with mined coins rather than jumping around many exchanges.

This could very easily be insider trading on some big news thats going to be released. Don't want to fuel rumours or anything but this has definately happened before in crypto...fingers crossed for XRP

There are two things that control the Crypto Market: FOMO and FUD

I'm a true believer in XRp and crypto currency. I'm also new here so excuse my ignorance. I was wondering what you guys think of xrp eventually going global. I wonder if its possible for a country acts as a whale and manipulate an entire county's economy, not just with XRp but with other crypto too

Seems like with crypto clairvoyants are also seeing a new high.

As I'm new, to crypto

Hundreds of thousands of people are new to crypto every day. 😂 Why don't you simply buy XRP?

Victor Bermudez(Founder & CEO of BookWRT)
Is it possible XRP will dethrone BTC soon?

It is possible and likely, if XRP continues to make its way into the financial world. Just review the differences between the two cryptos: XRP is fast, available in large quantity and most important centralized. There is a company behind it that can be reviewed, talked to and lobbied. Bitcoin is highly decentralized and only offers 21 million units vs. 100 billion XRP. Looking at the daily cash flow worldwide, the price would have to "Koenigsegg Trevita and Pluto" in order to cover these sums. The high confirmation time, which can jump anytime if a country decides to crack down on miners, adds to a "No" for future banking applications with bitcoin. I'm pretty sure the price of XRP will rise, if Ripple convinces the financial world, that their system is the way to go -- topping BTCs market cap in the end.

UK financial authorities say crypto assets may be banned this is likely to include XRp if its not a security and they believe it will be 2 years down the road before its implemented... So where does that leave us all if it moons in 3 years time decentralised exchanges?

Deko Nolasco
Or probably it already happened, when we reached 78 cents...

The cryptogame table will be turned upside down when the first bank will announce to have xrapid in production. This is a fact.

Blockchain Venturist

stabler since several hours...XRp is a safer heaven than hashed Cryptos. ASIC world is burning... The flippening has begun, IMHO.

Welcome to crypto!! House on fire!!

First you have to make more money than me at crypto before you can think about firing.

What is the name of the site with all the cryptos listed and how long they've been active??

XRP is still a valid crypto?

XRP is going to be more and more used as base for trading with other crypto

Hey Guys. New to crypto and been doing my research. Have you any suggestions on acquiring XRP. I have binance and coinbase and will apparently need to pair. Just a good bit of hoops to jump through.
BasinStreet Boy
Huge, not decent. SWIFT is going with Cotda R3. Game , set match

So are you saying swift will settle payments with XRp or will they use another crypto offered as part of r3 and be direct competition?

Any news on the cryptofront to justify the green candle today?

And in our case, that’s Crypto’s.

Crypto signal channels... anyone?

Wall Street is adopting crypto trading, with a giant broker in the US called Fidelity. Which is also in control of everyone’s 401k’s/retirement.

Xrp. The king of crypto

You can draw that comparison to most cryptos

The Crypto surge is about to unload.