Bro about 10 years from now the Crypto Market will be worth trillions

Sound like sound advice I mean I saw the jump out made from 5 to 15 ( I think it was that high) then I saw the settle and it was still pretty high...So yea any major jump I can see would be worth it...i missed why people saying 2020 is going to be killer fit crypto it because they are trying to make it more widely used?

“Myth #3 Bitcoin mining wastes lots of energyNot really because in fact Bitcoin Mining is useful on the Network to create money from computing power.That’s why Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin so people can now actually create their own cryptocurrency on Blockchain without government corruption.Every 10 minutes a Block Reward of 12.5 BTC is given to someone on the Network for solving a random math equation which is Proof-of-Work.Every four years BTC cuts in half or Halves so the next Block Reward in 2020 will be 6.25 BTC.This will drive up the price of BTC higher and 10 years from now on or so will be worth $10 million or more:In 2024, 3.125 BTC In 2028, 1.5625 BTC In 2032, 0.78125 BTCThe more the Block Reward reduces of BTC the more scarce and valuable it will become. So if you own one or more BTC and HODL you are already a millionaire.Depending on the difficulty it might take a very long time to mine only one Block. Fortunately, I was early in Mining BTC late 2009 because there wasn’t much people mining on their PCs.If you don’t understand this you won’t know why Bitcoin was created.Mining BTC doesn’t cause no air pollution or any surges in electricity, but every Christmas millions of houses lights drain out energy.In fact, there are BTC mining companies now that want to convert trash into electricity- BTC Green Mining is the future. There are others building devices to cool down Mining Rigs with mineral oil.This will save tons of energy!”

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I don't think we've hit public yet. It's not that easy to use crypto to buy stuff. Once FB coin is launched, THEN we hit public uptake, because this will be the on-ramp to crypto ownership AND usage AND exchange

Probably true, but they'll also create a wallet for your other fiat and crypto and I think that'll drive adoption. It'll be easier to get hold of and exchange a wider range of cryptos.

i heard something about that in cryptopanic (not official info)

Victor Founder & CEO of Book(ART) Authors Rewards Token
Because XRP aim is for their product to be used by banks

That's one aspect. Banks won't use fgbc. It doesn't make sense. The big bet for xrp is being a global bridge. In short, more cryptos (stable or not), more use cases.
The thing about Italy is crazy!
Ripple’s xCurrent is now being tested by banks in Latin America – Cryptopolitan

Can anybody share any books about cryptocurrency? Thanks in advance

Best books of cryptocurrency of 2019

The shake we are facing is due to the fact that Donald Trump affirmed on the below tweets that does not believe or like in unregulated cryptocurrency models and if cryptos want to play in the US they would need to contact and meet with the big Banks - Ripple is essentially based on this business model on working directly with big financial institutions.This is why All the buzz for xrp today.

xrp is failing miserably, ripple labs tech is succeding, that’s why price for ripple news and xrp are not correlated, price being stagnant for 2 years proves it, no one will use xrp, we are the only crypto that went -10% since beginning of January, all coins went 300% +, Litecoin went from 30 to 100 todayBtc from 3800 to 11000 todayEthereum from 90 to 300 todayWe went from 0.50 to 0.30 Against facts we have no arguments, ripple has a lot of utility, but xrp wont be used along ripple tech, That’s what I think, I have a good amount of xrp, I was confident with it since the beginning, but seeing all other coins going parabolic while we went from 0.5 to 0.30 is heart breaking, It’s just my opinion, you can’t totally disagree, I’m waiting it to get 0.50 again some day and moving out from it, hope sbi launch don’t get delayed again, or else we will see 0.16 cents for sure

Banks socially economically spur btc and other main crypto .Btc get bull rush. Dump xrp.Banks buy xrp real cheap .Re ignite xrp .Xrp makes money

That’s the only reason I invested on crypto

One of my latest work is about forecasting crypto volatility with GARCH and its variants. No matter if you are into long term hodl, swing or intraday trading, volatility is a must-have indicator for all strategies. In this piece, we are going to build up the whole work flow from understanding volatility to modeling/forecasting it with state-of-art techniques as of today. I hope you guys will enjoy this piece and let me know if you have any questions/comments. Cheers!
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Guess that everyone saw the news for Google being able to crack blockchain, that is why everyone is dumping. RIP cryptocurrency

Mybe in 20-30 years I win the lottery and I forgot about crypto