Imagine a facebook coin, jesus. Say something on facebook that 'offends' someone and suddenly your coins are burned for 'hate crimes'

I see, Facebook coin may cause chaos then... They also need to talk with existing partners like Stripe.

Imagine the ECB and Satander bank bank trusting FB coin? Uggghhhh NO, trust Ripplenet and xrapid, Yes

I just bought in with 19 I had laying in coinbase...luckily it's just sitting there...hope I made a good move..if not its 19 bucks lol

“Myth #3 Bitcoin mining wastes lots of energyNot really because in fact Bitcoin Mining is useful on the Network to create money from computing power.That’s why Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin so people can now actually create their own cryptocurrency on Blockchain without government corruption.Every 10 minutes a Block Reward of 12.5 BTC is given to someone on the Network for solving a random math equation which is Proof-of-Work.Every four years BTC cuts in half or Halves so the next Block Reward in 2020 will be 6.25 BTC.This will drive up the price of BTC higher and 10 years from now on or so will be worth $10 million or more:In 2024, 3.125 BTC In 2028, 1.5625 BTC In 2032, 0.78125 BTCThe more the Block Reward reduces of BTC the more scarce and valuable it will become. So if you own one or more BTC and HODL you are already a millionaire.Depending on the difficulty it might take a very long time to mine only one Block. Fortunately, I was early in Mining BTC late 2009 because there wasn’t much people mining on their PCs.If you don’t understand this you won’t know why Bitcoin was created.Mining BTC doesn’t cause no air pollution or any surges in electricity, but every Christmas millions of houses lights drain out energy.In fact, there are BTC mining companies now that want to convert trash into electricity- BTC Green Mining is the future. There are others building devices to cool down Mining Rigs with mineral oil.This will save tons of energy!”

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I read an article about the guy who started bitcoin...did a talk a college and gave each student something like 2 or so coins....some just trashed them or gave them away lol I'd die after I found it blew up

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I don't think we've hit public yet. It's not that easy to use crypto to buy stuff. Once FB coin is launched, THEN we hit public uptake, because this will be the on-ramp to crypto ownership AND usage AND exchange

Since I don’t like Zuckerberg I will only pump and dump Global coin

You can hate it, but it's a stable coin man

You said: Since I don’t like Zuckerberg I will only pump and dump Global coin.

Ok? It's a stable coin it's not possible to dump and pump

Why would banks buy a coin from a social media platform that's notorious for making money off advertising and being extremely vague in their privacy policies?

Actually a more accurate question is how can global coin compete with xrp?

why to buy? isnt it stablecoin?

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He seriously thinks he can beat XRP

Come on, he doesn't think that. This fbgc has been completely misunderstood by a lot of ppl. Zuckerberg surely is not thinking at beating xrp by a stable coin. His business is different and ilp is exactly what fbgc needs.

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You got a point there

I would say it is 'the point'. Stable coin is exactly what a bridge asset as xrp needs. Let's wait that white paper to understand more. Don't expect to read ilp there, but it will be interesting to confirm how it will work. Xrp is not aiming at retail market but at making it possible!

Btc will be a dinosaur swallowed up by newer coins like xrp, holo, xlm and trx

I always go back to XRP after getting rekt with Shitcoins 😐

What's the deal with ETH? It hasn't seen the same sort of gains as some of the other coins - I would have expected more of a rise alongside the recent BTC bullrun

Xrp is meant to be a stable coin of sorts

Red Arrow
Btc hits 10k, xrp will hit .50

BTC is up $10,740 as at typing and xrp is snail like moving; This is why some people called it a stable coin .......very frustrating though!

Its not a stable coin 🙄 With ripple you have to be patient.

Its XRP. What? Not bitcoin?

Bitcoin reached 2019 ATH $13k and Xrp is just sitting there.........Hope we get to see a new ATH for XRP because I'm beginning to loose it!

Btc is first then altcoins but the last is xrp

Nick Aham
Comon xrp !! This is the time to shine !! Do ur thing 😫😫

Like I just don't know why? All the altcoins are showing red today......I thought this was our time!

like it or not xrp is a pump and dump shitcoin

Ready Player XRP
Guy claims Binace has been dumping its XRP, for price manipulation. Says gathering information for SEC claim.

Dumping xrp because they want people to use their own coin. Exchanges can do what they like they control prices

xrp is failing miserably, ripple labs tech is succeding, that’s why price for ripple news and xrp are not correlated, price being stagnant for 2 years proves it, no one will use xrp, we are the only crypto that went -10% since beginning of January, all coins went 300% +, Litecoin went from 30 to 100 todayBtc from 3800 to 11000 todayEthereum from 90 to 300 todayWe went from 0.50 to 0.30 Against facts we have no arguments, ripple has a lot of utility, but xrp wont be used along ripple tech, That’s what I think, I have a good amount of xrp, I was confident with it since the beginning, but seeing all other coins going parabolic while we went from 0.5 to 0.30 is heart breaking, It’s just my opinion, you can’t totally disagree, I’m waiting it to get 0.50 again some day and moving out from it, hope sbi launch don’t get delayed again, or else we will see 0.16 cents for sure

Don’t believe in privacy coins, they will never be fed and gov pro, best stick with the legal side lol

XRp on the low side is estimated to reach $10 around 2021. But during the same time frame you can make the same of not more on bitcoin. Which is the more viable profit?

This shit coin doesn't rise

So far xrp has been the shitiest of the shit coins

It's eager to go down ... Not up !! This coin is for big players who makes millions off of it on a small swing trade ... Not for plebs