The hash war has shown who bad centralized are all the mined coins (ETH too, not only BTC and BCH) and how resilient and decentralized is XRP despite all the FUD. The king BTC is naked.

Bryan Dasilva
people asking what going to xrp while it goes down at the worst part of a bear market

Seriously lol. I've been so happy how xrp is just back to where it was 40 days ago. Every other coin has shit itself to big lows.

That's usually why you test with small quantities of coin before transfering significant amounts of money

Was wondering if any of you were interested in supporting a request to CoinStats to show XRP's true marketcap. It's titled 'Actual XRP market'.

Hi. Cant give you answer. It should be your decision (im using coinbase wallet and binance exchange) but you can prefere anyother wallet with xrp added (without using exchange) i have one question as long term holder: what kind of medium made you conviced to invest?

do not panic bitcoin fall in price because of bitcoin cash fractions to 2 coin Bch abc and Sv So chill price Will go up again #HOLD

Let me tell you; Coinbase is straight tripping

Why is coinbase tripping, what do you mean are you talking about a series of new coins it was going to list

Year is ending with no 589 in sight. #shitcoin

Hey Guys. New to crypto and been doing my research. Have you any suggestions on acquiring XRP. I have binance and coinbase and will apparently need to pair. Just a good bit of hoops to jump through.

BasinStreet Boy
Well, its a process. It takes time. Big exchanges are already in place. SBI will be a huge exchange. Other will grow. New bank based exchages are going to seee the light... Rome has not been buit in one single night.

Plus let’s say coinbase add XRP to their platform, you know how long takes coinbase to send the real money USD to your bank account ? 3-5 days so what’s the difference between this n the old system ?

Unless they create a stable coin

The only way I see this working is with a stable coin

Do you know other coin with real sustancial use?

I suggest you to look at coins experimenting real massive use cases in the next future

I can’t wait to reach 4-5$ so I dump n delete binance / twitter / telegram / coinbase lol

Cause after 5 years of been created it saw 3$ once because of coinbase rumors not because any use at all

Big Cat
I think exchanges need to stop pairing to btc n eth

No, because to many people want to switch coins and in that case they should pay fees twice

I don’t care about ppl switching coins lol

Xrp was always a headline for uuuu if coinbase adds it will fly and fly coinbase coinbase and coinbase now listing? That time is over it is not big deal anymore my friend. Look at other coins who got listed;)

Full Coinbase listing since 30 minutes

A slow growth after Coinbase announcement... Sounds good.

Gregory Locke
Probably due to NY Bit License requirement.

I get that. But what is it about XRP if Coinbase is selling ETC in New York. SMH.... Stupid. XRP, Kini Coinbase Jual XLM

All the markets will be suspended at 2:00 PM on March 30, 2019. We will cancel all open orders at 2:00 PM and funds will be returned to your wallet. We will continue providing wallet services until April 29, 2019. You are requested to withdraw all your funds within 30 days. After 30 days, all withdrawals will be processed through our support page by raising tickets or sending an email to [email protected]

With BTC’s rally, all coins may revisit the ATH from 2017. But this time, these highs will become new support levels. As Fiats continue to plummet globally, commodities and other tangible assets will take over.

bitcoin is king

Xrp is John Snow, has ability but needs game of coins to play out

However, the market moves in correlation to Bitcoin. May is BTC’s rally, and in June we will see a correction for cheap prices before the launch.

Just want to understand the coinbase tweet about xrp, why is it just now that New Yorkers can buy XRP?

Bitcoin will always remain King. Not because of its tech, because it’s profound history.

You think some one care about jordan with a signature? Pf hell no, just a group of fanatics

Well, when another alt coin takes over BTC. We will talk then, for now. It is King, and will remain the way despite how you feel about it. That’s the glory of a capitalist market, price dictates what happens. Not our personal thoughts.

Opencoin was even older than BTC, at least at the idea level...

My hand is in both Bitcoin and XRP.

Anyone here from australia that use coinbase?

Xlm for free in coinbase

If you don't have the private key, you do not have coins. Always Always Always remember that!

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