Haha. Anyone that say they don’t see the usefulness of the blockchain is lying.

Hi guys, I am new to ripple. Here's a question: can anybody develop apps that are built on top of the ripple blockchain ? For example can I develop an app that allows business onwers to exchange money and be instant no matter if they are in the same bank or not ?

What do you guys think is the reality of Ripple and Etherium becoming noncomplianct securities with the SEC? Is this article more just FUD? Curious on your guys thoughts. 'Noncompliant securities' Ripple and Ether experienced a major blow this week as Gary Gensler, a former financial regulator for President Obama, spoke out regarding the regulatory status of Ether and Ripple. In an interview with the New York Times, he said, "there is a strong case for both of them — but particularly Ripple — that they are noncompliant securities." The main problem, which affects many other cryptocurrencies as well, is that the tokens were first offered via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), a term used to describe crowdfunding a blockchain technology or company. The fact that tokens were sold before their networks were even fully functional further complicates the issue.

I personally find the technological use of crypto blockchain to be interesting. There’s some good use cases for blockchains like those who help manage solar power or can help with medical databases

Sure, stay calm and hold... But, XRP isn't showing signs of pulling out of its downtrend, nor are most of cryptos. I think its a question now of how long are we talking before we see true price increase instead of inflated market growth that just drops 15-20 billion over night. DLT suggested XRP @ .30 cents by the end of the year. At the moment, he looks spot on. If .30 cents in December does happen, thats ok, it would be an opporuntiy, I still think xrp and crypto is here to stay. Blockchain convergence, government designed and backed crypto, and thousands of other variables are anxiety provoking, but I have confidence everything is going to work out... (in the long run)

Maybe I just have a fundamental belief in blockchain

HSBC uses blockchain to complete $250bn worth of trades in a year | IT PRO

Most important aspect imo is: why xrp and not blockchain tech? Both are fast enough...

Because by blockchain you send a message not value. Sending value the receiver can inmediately accept transactions and they don't need nostro-vostro accounts XRP, Kini Coinbase Jual XLM

“Myth #3 Bitcoin mining wastes lots of energyNot really because in fact Bitcoin Mining is useful on the Network to create money from computing power.That’s why Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin so people can now actually create their own cryptocurrency on Blockchain without government corruption.Every 10 minutes a Block Reward of 12.5 BTC is given to someone on the Network for solving a random math equation which is Proof-of-Work.Every four years BTC cuts in half or Halves so the next Block Reward in 2020 will be 6.25 BTC.This will drive up the price of BTC higher and 10 years from now on or so will be worth $10 million or more:In 2024, 3.125 BTC In 2028, 1.5625 BTC In 2032, 0.78125 BTCThe more the Block Reward reduces of BTC the more scarce and valuable it will become. So if you own one or more BTC and HODL you are already a millionaire.Depending on the difficulty it might take a very long time to mine only one Block. Fortunately, I was early in Mining BTC late 2009 because there wasn’t much people mining on their PCs.If you don’t understand this you won’t know why Bitcoin was created.Mining BTC doesn’t cause no air pollution or any surges in electricity, but every Christmas millions of houses lights drain out energy.In fact, there are BTC mining companies now that want to convert trash into electricity- BTC Green Mining is the future. There are others building devices to cool down Mining Rigs with mineral oil.This will save tons of energy!”

Hi guys. I would like to create token ("credit") on XRP blockchain just for some test. Can i find anyone experienced in this here?

Thanks Blockchain Venturist. Interesting work. Reading through it.

Guess that everyone saw the news for Google being able to crack blockchain, that is why everyone is dumping. RIP cryptocurrency