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Sure, hope I can help you. I do not work for Ripple by the way

I want to research about exchange process between coin and currency (example USD and bitcoin) via ripple?

Idk what really happened with bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash isn’t bad. It’s OG bitcoin. Just no demand for it. If lightning takes a crap, could get traction.

Bitcoin never increased block size.

Bitcoin is napster, XRP is Google This is how huge Ripple and XRP is going to be

bitcoin maximalist or its alike, sure, they dislike xrp for a reason

The cost of Bitcoin mining is around 4500/4600 it will wipe out the smaller miners and pool it in the big Chinese players if it goes down to 2600-3k

When china banned cryptos last year most went over to to otc market like

XRP run lagging behind bitcoin then eventually outperforming.

@Bitcoinguy2028 lmao as my shit is plummeting

@Bitcoinguy2028 Yeah I'm holding no matter what lol. I just thought it was funny 😂

Bitcoin at $20000 end of august

The news from the infidels that control bitcoin

Fr everyone needs to forget about there other coins and go back to bitcoin for now so we the people can cause the other cryptos to go high

Bitcoin was going higher as many SEC filings for Bitcoin ETF. But, SEC rejected

Dude. I’ve been watching bitcoin since $250. Everyone that got in even in the $7k’s have no idea what these bubbles do. They are just hoping for another bull run right now. They will sell when it hits 5k and keep the bear market moving.

Bitcoins mad pussy

@Rydogg75 is hired by BBC to spread FUD in this beloved telegram chat no one listen to him, bitcoin will be 15k end august new productions

After this bitcoin better go to 100k

I was lowkey shocked to wake up and see bitcoin still 6300+

Bitcoin not fucking around😂😂

the bull market will come from ripple the sec dont want to let bitcoin run

Hi, should I buy etherum or bitcoin on Coinbase to buy ripple on binance?

Why are you attaching the price of BTC to XRP? If banks start to buy in on XRP to use it for cross-bank transactions, they will need huge amounts of it in order to cover those. These huge XRP transactions will likely lead to a rise in the currency, while bitcoin won't see much of it.

Sure. Hope what you said comes true @Bitcoinguy2028

Bitcoin is pumping and making everything pump as well!

Xrp and bitcoin rally today!

Bitcoin right now is like having last years iphone. Still good, but better is coming

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Is it possible XRP will dethrone BTC soon?

It is possible and likely, if XRP continues to make its way into the financial world. Just review the differences between the two cryptos: XRP is fast, available in large quantity and most important centralized. There is a company behind it that can be reviewed, talked to and lobbied. Bitcoin is highly decentralized and only offers 21 million units vs. 100 billion XRP. Looking at the daily cash flow worldwide, the price would have to "Koenigsegg Trevita and Pluto" in order to cover these sums. The high confirmation time, which can jump anytime if a country decides to crack down on miners, adds to a "No" for future banking applications with bitcoin. I'm pretty sure the price of XRP will rise, if Ripple convinces the financial world, that their system is the way to go -- topping BTCs market cap in the end.

do not panic bitcoin fall in price because of bitcoin cash fractions to 2 coin Bch abc and Sv So chill price Will go up again #HOLD

bitcoin is king

However, the market moves in correlation to Bitcoin. May is BTC’s rally, and in June we will see a correction for cheap prices before the launch.

Bitcoin will always remain King. Not because of its tech, because it’s profound history.

My hand is in both Bitcoin and XRP.

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Do you think this is true?

“Myth #3 Bitcoin mining wastes lots of energyNot really because in fact Bitcoin Mining is useful on the Network to create money from computing power.That’s why Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin so people can now actually create their own cryptocurrency on Blockchain without government corruption.Every 10 minutes a Block Reward of 12.5 BTC is given to someone on the Network for solving a random math equation which is Proof-of-Work.Every four years BTC cuts in half or Halves so the next Block Reward in 2020 will be 6.25 BTC.This will drive up the price of BTC higher and 10 years from now on or so will be worth $10 million or more:In 2024, 3.125 BTC In 2028, 1.5625 BTC In 2032, 0.78125 BTCThe more the Block Reward reduces of BTC the more scarce and valuable it will become. So if you own one or more BTC and HODL you are already a millionaire.Depending on the difficulty it might take a very long time to mine only one Block. Fortunately, I was early in Mining BTC late 2009 because there wasn’t much people mining on their PCs.If you don’t understand this you won’t know why Bitcoin was created.Mining BTC doesn’t cause no air pollution or any surges in electricity, but every Christmas millions of houses lights drain out energy.In fact, there are BTC mining companies now that want to convert trash into electricity- BTC Green Mining is the future. There are others building devices to cool down Mining Rigs with mineral oil.This will save tons of energy!”

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I read an article about the guy who started bitcoin...did a talk a college and gave each student something like 2 or so coins....some just trashed them or gave them away lol I'd die after I found it blew up

Its XRP. What? Not bitcoin?

Bitcoin reached 2019 ATH $13k and Xrp is just sitting there.........Hope we get to see a new ATH for XRP because I'm beginning to loose it!

XRp on the low side is estimated to reach $10 around 2021. But during the same time frame you can make the same of not more on bitcoin. Which is the more viable profit?