Nabil Berguia:

Not that i know of

Bakkt is considering alt future contracts. Maybe xrp considered? Purely speculation

That would be great! Maybe....


Hopefully it will touch 0.35 in near term..

Time to buy !!!!

pumping my arse

This diahrea scam never pumps

it's a scam to fund ripples projects

Hello guys. Is it official channel?

Could well be, but not likely, I've just assumed it maybe, but isn't.

I have a detailed post for you guys today

Taking a deep dive into TA, how we got here, why we’re here and what we can hope to see next for XRP as price develops.

+15% today, 100% info signalv!!!

Not a significant technical rebound.

32 min to start!!! Supa inside !!!!

Now 2.28%..5% up should be considered a new start to hoover a new level..otherwise roller coaster in the funfair still remain control the sentiment.

Xrp/btc ratio has to turn hard for any significant price Increase. Xrp/btc turns then xrp/USD follows suit so watch out for the ratio

Considering BTC is priced in USD, not surprising

Thoughs about our future?

RIPle do u need any other thought?

Just kidding hodling until moon or broke

Luis Catalao
Just kidding hodling until moon or broke

exactly. im never-ending happy frustrated hodler since $3,4 until mind blowing price in FUTURE not today

Youve been holding when price was at 3$?

Youve been holding when price was at 3$?

yes. im bad businessman and my target is another number. especially if i joined 0.8 , 1.2 , 3.4

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Short xrp info 100% !!!!