Be aware people! I got scammed from this so called BITRUE SUPPORT TEAM

Cedric Dewberry

Jesus man, you ok? That’s f’d up. Did they actually take the money?

I don’t actually know how to get in touch with real BitrueOfficial

I saw Bitrue emblem and thought they were the real deal

Every time I contact someone that I think is real, they keep asking me to deposit more XRP to fix problems.

They will ask for a small amount originally, then they keep coming back saying that the rectification process is requiring more deposit.

They will do this several times, then tell you that your issue will be resolved in 24 hours. That’s a lie!!!

Just be aware people when dealing with Bitrue customer service.

My initial problem was that I was unable to withdraw any funds from my Bitrue account

This person ask me for funds to fix my account also

She deleted her account as soon as I sent her this message that she pinned in Telegram, after she asked me to deposit funds