Xrp can change this

Don’t believe in privacy coins, they will never be fed and gov pro, best stick with the legal side lol

XRp on the low side is estimated to reach $10 around 2021. But during the same time frame you can make the same of not more on bitcoin. Which is the more viable profit?

Clients have been going live with XRp but the volume hasn't had a major effect on the price either

What you guys think of Swift on chain links page

I think we lost lol

Too early to tell and i think not

Xrp is cheaper, faster and more distributed

This will be a 5 year fight, maybe to the death

Its like saying, there is one type of wolf? WRONG

Is a good moment for buy??

Or I should wait for 0.2x

Hey nerds, what kind of trading do you do with ripple? Are you all just in it for the long haul or do you do more daytradig kind of stuff?


looks like our old suport is doing it's job

One of my latest work is about forecasting crypto volatility with GARCH and its variants. No matter if you are into long term hodl, swing or intraday trading, volatility is a must-have indicator for all strategies. In this piece, we are going to build up the whole work flow from understanding volatility to modeling/forecasting it with state-of-art techniques as of today. I hope you guys will enjoy this piece and let me know if you have any questions/comments. Cheers! https://0xboz.github.io/blog/understand-and-model-cryptocurrencies-volatility-using-garch-variants/

Thanks Blockchain Venturist. Interesting work. Reading through it.

This shit coin doesn't rise

While TRX does almost 50% on an announcement of an announcement

So far xrp has been the shitiest of the shit coins

Now if SBI doesn't do shit ... Sell this piece of shit and move on

It's eager to go down ... Not up !! This coin is for big players who makes millions off of it on a small swing trade ... Not for plebs

Ok ... Now the frustration is out !! Let's go xrp !!

So Nick, if it's so shitty what brings you here? I mean if you feel you made a bad investment that's on you. No amount of bitching and moaning from you will change that you've lost your money. We're all pretty much in the same boat as you so maybe you should sell your xrp and reinvest somewhere else.

not really. some people say but actually do the oppersite

With XPR, nothing is new 😂😂

Blockchain Venturist
is that authentic?

Of course it is !! But this is way before xrp !!

I suppose your are not Mike? lol


Checkout the first link in that

Nick Aham

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