hmm today's signal was too nice 🤗


I just don't see why xrp ever goes down.

Even bigger than SBI

Hi. Where is the safest place to store xrp? Now i have them on exchange but that's not to smart.

If you don't have the private key, you do not have coins. Always Always Always remember that!

Link to local wallet? What about android wallets?

Link to local wallet? What about android wallets?
drop by our discord, there are lots of knowledgeable folks around

what do you think about what happens today?

When xrp $1😭

June or July 2019, I guess

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oktober 2019

Xrp to 0.63 go go go

0.39 go go !!!!

0.39. !!! Inside information !!!

Yeah, gimme your cheap XRP... Go go...

Xrp hits 39 cents, buy, buy buy

Last cool, before it hits the moon again

Last call, not Last cool

Joining from the reddit thread!

And has been for quite some time now.

IMHO the bullrun spring is loading

Month of June is predicated to be a deflationary month. This is the opportunity to add to your position.

Allow the markers to bleed some more.

I'm sitting on my stash

Evtl loading up more