TRILLIONS will flow through

bitcoin is king

And will remain while ETH is his queen and XRP the prince

No penis consumption shall commence

BTC Dominance: 56.2% BTC manipulation

John Snow is king

Xrp is John Snow, has ability but needs game of coins to play out

Snow came back to life

a am unable to find a working explorer

bithomp is down

xrpcharts*ripple*com not working also

Crypto signal channels... anyone?

Already hit 0.335

Out of your triangle

Destroyed my analysis.

My educated guess is....

However, the market moves in correlation to Bitcoin. May is BTC’s rally, and in June we will see a correction for cheap prices before the launch.

.25 is still feasible

BULLRUN has started. There will be a pause before the big jump.

Can be up to 3-4 weeks long

Like the previous fractals

Here goes the greatest Analyst of 2019.

Let see how th far east will wake up today...

Cycle analysis is fractal analysis...

Just want to understand the coinbase tweet about xrp, why is it just now that New Yorkers can buy XRP?

They have different regulations

Is there somewhere that I can read about these regulations?

Also, that means that these currencies are heavily regulated and law enforcement keep tabs on every purchase? Sorry for my noob questions, just getting into it.

Wall Street is adopting crypto trading, with a giant broker in the US called Fidelity. Which is also in control of everyone’s 401k’s/retirement.


Source? The Wall Street Report, Google Report, Yahoo report.

It’s everywhere.

XRP has done a lot in Q1

Q2 is going to be vicious.

We may see 1 dollar again this month

We may see 1 dollar again this month

XRP is going to hit a scary number this year. Possibly $7 this time, or even $10. And the correction will bridge a new support leave of $1.50 possibly, or higher. After this bull run, XRP will maintain a dollar or higher in value.