What up fellow Zerpers?

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heading to bed soon, yourself?

Same. Been a long and busy Saturday, looking forward to a relaxing Sunday.

Morning! Or, rather, afternoon at this point.

Hello guys, i was searching for ripple core developers community in internet,but couldnt find any active group, can anyone help me with some reference or links ?

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check out the #xrp-dev on the discord :)

thanx admin!!! but why we have shuch a small community or forum for ripple developers unlike btc eth developers

Yaa i joined thr

we are recovering from the dip

ripple should only bit the 15$ mark and then will be no stop

why settle for 15$ I would make at least 40$

the most coin starts raising after bittin 15$ thats why but with 40$i can also live haha

3 Months window is thr

pretty low participation here for a crypto in top 3......

especially when ripple is making the run up right now thats not been seen for some time

and she's busting out at 9.45% up!!

This is a newer channel

Kevin You should join the discord

Main room has like 60k people in it

thanks dan!! I will do!!

dan, what's the address for ripple at discord?

everyone who is supporter, can i talk with you?

I’m sure there are some folks from different time zones in the discord right now

Feel free to stop by :)

wondrfull collabing in indian utubers plzz like shere n support agains RBI


What do you think about xrp buy or sell ?