Xrp got a small break as Ethereum started pumping.

On May 13, cryptocurrency enthusiasts were pleased to hear that major retailers including Whole Foods, Lowes, Petco, Regal Cinemas, and Gamestop will accept payments in crypto. The payments will be processed by Flexa using its custodial wallet called ‘Spedn’ which gives people the ability to spend with bitcoin core, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and GUSD.

‌Will Wall Street Settle for Ripple (XRP) As Money Flow to Crypto?Wall Street could be warming up to cryptocurrencies; however, not any coin/token is being targeted. Bitcoin is preferred but Ripple (XRP) could...Dalmas Ngetich

3 new reasons of incoming Crypto adoption increase1. Germany's second largest stock exchange has listed XRP and LTC ETNs2. Samsung will bring Ethereum wallet to it's affordable phones3. BTC bull 🚀
But i dunno, it's uncertain

It always depends on what one is considering an "active address". There was an analysis of "active addresses" that had transaction activity within 24 hours: . The # of wallets with more than 20 XRP is 350k.
More information about switch in this news article
See this too
For any members who haven’t heard about switch wallet

First Bank-Owned Crypto Exhange Brings Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) to Institutional Investors With Deep Pockets

News was in earlierBut for newly joined members

Ethereum was created by a Russian

In case anyone missed this

No I was comparing it to ethereums rise in 2017 during that period Is it true? And if it is, why?
You will most likely lose money with these kinds of things. There is no magic backdoor trick to make gains, is there were, everyone would do it lol
Any insight on this?
Not really new afaik, just the article is 😂 oh yeah, and about the mention of bcash let me express this: 😏🤪
‌Bitcoin 'FUD': India's Reserve Bank Denies Involvement in Crypto BanBloomberg: India Looking to Jail Bitcoin, Crypto Users On Friday, Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts woke up to a harrowing piece of news....Nick Chong
‌Ripple's Partner MoneyNetInt Collaborates with PXP FinancialRipple’s partner MoneyNet International has partnered with PXP Financial to facilitate payment processing solutions in the USA and the EU. MoneyNetInt is...Dalmas Ngetich
Can you find an XRP link to Monerium / ConsenSys the Iceland E-Coin ERC20 token? If you can then we are in the system for Iceland's new digital national currency.


Like it or not xrp is the worst performing crypto in 2019, every other coin on top 5 moved at least 300%Bitcoin 3300$ lowest to 9300Lite coin from 30 to 150 Ethereum 70 to 240$ Bitcoin cash 120 to 420

Ethereum already took off. Ripple is still with pulled handbrake.

James Pond 007

She specifically mentioned bitcoin and ethereum but wouldn't utter Xrp. Buy more people!

Crypto Basket – XRP on SIX Swiss Stock ExchangeJune 27, 2019 xrpDarrenAmun Bitwise Select 10 ETP is a basket of digital assets that can be traded on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange. The basket includes BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, XLM, and ADA. XRP is 8.33% of one ETP.Amun Bitwise Select 10 large cap crypto ETP (exchange traded product) listed today on the SIX Swiss Exchange, and based on the Bitwise 10 Select Large Cap Crypto Index.The Amun Bitwise Select 10 ETP (ticker: KEYS) tracks the performance of up to 10 of the largest crypto assets in the world. All assets in the Index are approved by SIX as the underlying for an ETP, and are supported by appropriate market makers and available for custody at leading institutional custodians. As of the May 31st rebalancing, the ETP includes eight crypto assets: Bitcoin (67.80%), Ethereum (11.50%), Ripple (8.33%), Bitcoin Cash (3.52%), Litecoin (3.47%), EOS (3.36%), Stellar (1.10%) and Cardano (0.90%).

Its impossible to predict the price. Everything is possible. But keep in mind that XRP have a big supply, also they are working with Banks and payment systems. XRP is more like a Company stock its even not designed to compete with Bitcoin or Ethereum in price.

Difference between Litecoin and Xrp is only under 10.000.000$ 😱😱😱😱.A few months ago Xrp was over Ethereum. Now is under 15.000.000$.Fall without end 🤦‍♂

‌Ripple Success: Kava Labs TestNet Live, Coil Invest $30 Million in ImgurRipple is known as the blockchain for international payments settlements. Its partnerships, however, are varied, displaying the blockchain startup's different use cases....Dalmas Ngetich

Canadian stable coin announced which "combines Ripple & Ethereum blockchains". More interesting is this statement, "In two weeks, DLT Payment, a company related to BVCI, is expected to issue a stable coin, CSGD, which is anchored to the Singapore dollar"

So it can't be a bitcoin or ethereum 2.0

just imagine if Vitalik sells 1% of supply every month🤣

He might be. Zero transparency into what ETH whales are doing. I suspect they’re dumping a lot more than 1%. But they keep it secret. Also,Ethereum has infinite supply. (XRP supply is capped).

Wally W

interresting. Anyway, i started (and actually paused, due other tasks) ripple integration and honestly, 9Tb for all blockchain & 32Gb Ram thats a a bit hell too much for short period.For bitcoin i have 303Gb, where blockchain + zindex. For ethereum there are 293Gb totally. Monero only 73Gb.I see no logic to have such huge blockchain with trash metadata.

Latest on the 'liquidity increase' aka xrp sales:

They have also btc, bch, ethereum and xrp.

Short note on self.I've traded successfully in btc,ethereum,ripple, and few others.With good profits pals!

lol its 2019 and the security debate still on.. ethereum got away with it and its younger than xrp maybe because they are lazy to follow up what happened with the ico mania 🤣🤣 they are just sacking the erc20 spawns

Shibatoshi Nakamoto
Yes, younger and still needs layer 2, 3 etcXRP is #1 by speed and regulations, soon #1 at CMC 😁

i believe the only ones who actually can surpass btc are xrp ethereum due the use cases.. and the monsters they already are

Ethereum almost double m cap of xrp

Now BTC and ethereum have some dip due to the on going IEO session coming. But once that is over by 12:00 UTC, BTC and ETH May pump high ladies and gentlemen get ready. We all hope China is not going to act bearish today.