Lol digibyte brigading the comments

i have digibyte so i have to mess with the old ones sometimes

The cryptocurrency market alongside the traditional market investors is waiting anxiously for the groundbreaking launch of tokenized stocks. The new system of trading traditional stocks using digital tokens is being launched today, January 7 by the Estonia-based DX. Exchange.The good news is that the exchange has revealed the cryptocurrencies that will be supported on the new platform. As from the launch, DX. Exchange will support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Cardano (ADA), OmiseGo (OMG), Enigma, ShareToken as well as Digibyte. All the above assets will be paired to the US dollar while XRP and ADA will be paired with the Japanese yen and XRP and Digibyte to the euro.The game changer is the trading of stocks of companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Nvidia, Amazon, Intel as well as Baidu using tokenized shares. As reported last week, the firm will allow customers to trade stocks of the Nasdaq listed stock companies without owning physical shares of the same.

Thomas Ok
XRP/PAX goes for $0.39 on Kucoin. XRP/BTC remains $ 0.31 on BNB ??

Kucoin has some issues sometimes kucoin hit above the market price two weeks ago I earn 12k digibyte due to this issue so if you are on kucoin sets your coins atleast 30-40% up of current price ;)