Never thought we’d see this headline 2 days ago

Algorithmic cryptocurrency trading firm GSR announced the launch of a new bitcoin (BTC) halo option derivative in a Medium post published on May 13.

On May 13, cryptocurrency enthusiasts were pleased to hear that major retailers including Whole Foods, Lowes, Petco, Regal Cinemas, and Gamestop will accept payments in crypto. The payments will be processed by Flexa using its custodial wallet called ‘Spedn’ which gives people the ability to spend with bitcoin core, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and GUSD.

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Oh thats true. So xrp is better than visa then

Visa can use cryptocurrencyBut atm it doesn’tSo settlement takes many days

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So lets just say xrp will be the payment processor and btc the new currency

Btc is a cryptocurrency tooBut the use cases for btc differ to the primary use case of xrp which is interoperability

I think this is no Bullrun. Its a normal grow in relation with the market. The big breakout will happen, when the cryptocurrency bank regulation are happens

BTC is the base currency and the ruler of crypto, like it or not.

Btc isn’t a ruler of cryptocurrency, Heheheheh. Wait till China’s mining start manipulating btc markets.

Ripple is a technology that acts as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network for financial transactions. The coin for the cryptocurrency is premined and labeled XRP. ... XRP is a currency on the Ripple blockchain. Here's the kicker, though: Institutions using the Ripple blockchain aren't required to use XRP but European and North American institutions do.

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Ryan saids they just own a significant chuck of xrp. That’s it

Ripple gave a lot of millions in XRP away to charity . Ripple gives away $29 million of its cryptocurrency to public schools,,Ripple Announces $105 Million Charity Venture for Education, Financial Inclusion Projects..and a lot to Ellen wildlife donation,and so on..did they sell it..guess so

51% AttackA 51% attack is when a miner, or more likely a mining pool, controls 51% of the network’s computational power. With that ability, they could invalidate valid transactions and double spend funds. They’d achieve this through creating and confirming their own fraudulent blocks, and do it so quickly, the rest of the mining community creating genuine blocks would have their legitimate work invalidated.That’s where PoS could really help. Even if someone owned 51% of a digital currency, it would not be in their interest to attack something in which they have a majority share. Also, it’s very unlikely that anyone would be interested in buying up 51% of a currency, due to it being prohibitively expensive. According to game theory, those with a larger stake in a cryptocurrency should want to maintain a secure network. Any attack would only serve to destabilize the digital currency, diminishing the value of their stake.

PoS would be a more fair system than PoW, as technically anyone could become a miner. PoS offers a linear scale regarding the percentage of blocks a miner could confirm, since it’s based on that person’s stake in the cryptocurrency. That means someone with ten times more coins (e.g. - $10,000 vs. $1,000) would only mine ten times more blocks. Under PoW protocols, spending ten times as much money on mining hardware will produce higher computational power logarithmically, allow for more equipment due to the nature of reduced prices when buying in bulk, and might provide further advantages since highly expensive equipment often functions exponentially better than less expensive counterparts.

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse talks cryptocurrency on Kara Swisher podcast - Vox

Until recently JPMorgan CEO used to claim that Bitcoin has no "intrinsic" value. And now JPMorgan says that Bitcoin is trading above its intrinsic value. In crypto don't believe any information without doing your own research #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

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but youyr wallet is there and on a ledger nano s,so you have one forever thats safe 😉

Ledger servers can be hacked and scammed Support of hardware wallets can disappear in the futureCryptocurrency is high risk in any way

@cryptocurrencydonYour reason for answer you gave?Now or a banYou can resolve @rippleresolutions

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The first and oldest cryptocurrency

The supply is something that I take very serious before buying any cryptocurrency

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👏 Hello❗️👍 The good news in the world cryptocurrency❗️🚀 Binance announced launching a margin trading service🚀 In honor of this, Binance team opened AIRDROP 🚀🚀🚀 Anyone can take part and get prize ❗️🚀 Hurry up to take part✅ Information✅ Authoritative
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Xrp is growing... give it 2yrs. You’ll be happy if you have about 5k of xrp or more

Of course, it will grow, that's not my point, my point is, why is world crazy after Bitcoin.. I mean I understand it's the first cryptocurrency and earlier there were very few alternatives to Bitcoin, but now we have so many cryptocurrencies!!

The way I see it, cryptocurrency are the currency of internet, millions of people using internet will use cryptocurrency to exchange goods and services in future just like Bitcoin is used on darkweb!.. The only question is which will be the currency of choice?

So I guess cryptocurrency can't be banned too!.. Government across the world can only regulate it, make it difficult to trade like they are doing in my country

You can use the keys with any of the current wallets...You don't seem to understand the most basic of cryptocurrency concepts.