perhaps btc is the forfarther of cryptocurrency world... 😀

David Schwartz:@rockhardfister I believe the entire cryptocurrency industry is built around the promise of what the technology could do in the future. I think we've executed far more than most given that, among other things, we actually have financial institutions using a digital asset as a liquidity tool.Link to Tweet:

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a long-time cryptocurrency and Bitcoin skeptic, has named Brian Brooks as one of the country’s top banking regulators. Brooks will serve as the next Chief Operating Officer and First Deputy Comptroller of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) after stepping down from his role as the chief legal officer at Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse predicts that 2020 will see more cryptocurrency projects culled, as utility becomes a stronger driver of success in the coming year.

You think usdt is made to pump xrp?

It's used for any cryptocurrency and even used for payments, and has about 85% stable coin market share

About Ripple Consensus Digital currency cross-border payment leader The Ripple consensus was jointly created by Owen Brayden, Ph. D, Dr Owen Brayden Finance, and the investment team and the ripple Cryptocurrency Lab Owen Brayden Owen brayden phd and team of mit finance has been engaged in and researched investments in Bitcoin, Ripple and other crypto digital currencies since 2011In order to promote the popularity of blockchain, Ripple Labs took out 5billion Ripple to implement the Ripple Consensus, making XrP the world's largest cross-border payment platform, and finally realizing the Ripple (rp) digital payment currency with higher value and high consensus

Ask it someone will help

Ripple consensus and Owen Brayden are jointly built with the rybo cryptocurrency laboratory. But is it really the case?

Hello. Anyone in here looking to buy or sell large amounts of cryptocurrency?