You think usdt is made to pump xrp?

It's used for any cryptocurrency and even used for payments, and has about 85% stable coin market share

But blockchain tech is different from cryptocurrencies. So is there a fundamental reason why crypto is needed?

Cryptos "booming"

For me all of the crypto money will grow up with the time

they thought crypto will make them rich 😄
BStreet Boy 🇨🇭
A bigger dead cat bounce is to be expected.

And also someone start to say cbdc could not solve the problem (aha?). Of course, for cb are ready to purpose.... Others can chose global crypto existing on the market, imo.

They make huge fake volume with all cryptos but not XRP

All crypto holders should unite against coronavirus. It is a war between us and the virus

Crypto Eri sure can research well

If you are rly new in crypto space, pls never rely on other ppls opinions or even worse investment plans - pls do your own research, its your money...

I am such a believer that ever time I got money left I buy xrp.I even stopt smoking.I am in crypto since 2011 and every day it's the same panic complaining predicting. The market is the market if you are not a day trader just buy it put it away and who knows 1 day....... you get something in return.For me XRPhas everything the potential to make a difference world wide.I love the technology the fintech it's just amazing.What disgust me are people who are getting completely crazy for money money money.If you beleave in something you will be patient because you know it will reach the top.

it will all burn people am like 99% in crypto and xrp is about 60% of my portfolio

Fiat is like a hot potato in your mouth during hyper inflation.

When Fiat goes down crypto and every other market will go down too. Different times

Oveit Partners Crypto.Com To Let 1.5 Million Users Pay With XRP, LTC

Revolut is digital banking system which has also 4 crypto listed

Melvin Hermans
Will ripple teach 1 dollar again in the future or is all hope lost?

I'm sure any good fortune teller can tell you.But if you can't sit that out, you shouldn't have speculated in 'crypto' at the first place. No one said (and hopefully no one seriously believed) that you just put in some money and are rewarded with gains that would buy you 'lambos' within 2 years. 😏

Yeah true who knows i will just stay positive long term for crypto in general

iamRicardito ★
This is a known sc4mmer. I banned him in 3 dutch XRP groups.

Pleas send me proof that I am a scammer.... it's weird because I bought my crypto years ago

About Ripple Consensus Digital currency cross-border payment leader The Ripple consensus was jointly created by Owen Brayden, Ph. D, Dr Owen Brayden Finance, and the investment team and the ripple Cryptocurrency Lab Owen Brayden Owen brayden phd and team of mit finance has been engaged in and researched investments in Bitcoin, Ripple and other crypto digital currencies since 2011In order to promote the popularity of blockchain, Ripple Labs took out 5billion Ripple to implement the Ripple Consensus, making XrP the world's largest cross-border payment platform, and finally realizing the Ripple (rp) digital payment currency with higher value and high consensus

Ask it someone will help

Ripple consensus and Owen Brayden are jointly built with the rybo cryptocurrency laboratory. But is it really the case?

didn’t even think about scamming lol... I just wanna get some XRP

If you dont know how to get some XRP the normal way, then you have no right to be in the crypto space

I am very new to crypto 😅 i cant read charts..but thanks for sharing

Hello. Anyone in here looking to buy or sell large amounts of cryptocurrency?

Xrp is one of the few crypto out there with a big reliable team what is working on big worldwide adoption!!!

Can we expect more pump for xrp?

You can expect anything when it comes down to crypto ;)

I hate people that try to crap on XRP and Ripple, so short sited. Honestly, Ripple and XRP does more to legitimize the crypto sector than anyone else. I think this is overlooked A LOT.

It shot up higher than other crypto for a while

if im honest with you, im new to this whole crypto, i saw what btc achieved, and and went for xrp, first was the actual price and second the was the use case, which if we explore, can come true.

I mean btc it I think we will dip a bit. But I beleave in crypto for 10 years now. I promote it where I can. It will go up again for sure but hey it's just my feeling