Many people 'investing' (actually: speculating) in the 'crypto' field have no clue at all what they're actually betting their money on, so they have to believe 'believable' 🤨 people or marketing slogans.

Many people 'investing' (actually: speculating) in the 'crypto' field have no clue at all what they're actually betting their money on, so they have to believe 'believable' 🤨 people or marketing slogans.

Thats bull. Ik not buying xrp due to garlinghouse pretty sleek face. Buy xrp because almost whole crypto market hates it, value carrying token has a real place in the world, and all outlets really went out of their way to not even acknowledge xrp existence and when they did, it was to smear. Almost whole market is baked air. Many so called "real crypto" projects barely stay afloat. Meanwhile ripple is branching everywhere

No victims, just shows me a lot.

The victimization theory is also something we have in almost every crypto room. It's almost like a competition.

Which bring us back to what @Cryptobigcat , xrp/ripple odl have greater news than mostHave a lot of volume, yet, the demand is low.How come? Why?

The crypto space don’t like xrp Bank coin and such 🤷‍♂️ too bad

'Everyone hates us''Everyone hates our coin''They deny the great utility of our coin''Bitcoin whales don't want it to succeed 'etc

I have browsed rr cryptocurrency enough to know how the crypto space thinks about certain projects. Funny thing is, the most hated ended up as the ones gaining most traction.

Success of ripple doesnt translate to xrp's success

So why does success of other crypto’s that have companies backing them equate to success of the token itself

do you have the tweet or video where he's saying this? I don't doubt your quotation, but would like to keep it

It's a exchange of Tweets with Jed McCaleb where Stellar creator said Ripple could burn XRPs the same like Stellar with XLM. First David said not but at last he said what I copy and paste. It's easy to find any crypto news or Twitter.

There is a theory about a Big Dump of BTC and the whole altcoins when institutionals will do massive adoption of crypto world and I think we are in the first steps of that. BTC to 0. Like in the 90s with internet companies

Anyone heard when CMC new metrics will have an effect crypto? XRP?

Why would it have an effect.

It's supposed to rank cryptocurrencies by liquidity instead of market cap

Yes but shilling google shares in an yahoo chat is poor taste, especially when you are head of Yahoo chat and rarely speak positive about Yahoo! But im very glad you are fine with it, your the boss right😁

you may be surprised to hear that in Yahoo discussion groups (when they still existed), there were quite positive vibes about aspects of Google search etc. as well, just as moderators in Google groups are not as biased or authoritarian as to only allow Google to be mentioned positively. You seem to have an interesting take on moderation and to expect moderators having to act as hardcore / die-hard shills. No, I am not, and have always openly said that my portfolio looks very close to how it the ones of veteran investors and major crypto funds look like ("sorry!"). And yes, I even recommended noobs to diversify their portfolio instead of going 'all in' ('not even' into Bitcoin by the way). Now back to topic please, and air your frustration about my moderation in @RippleResolutions if you feel a need to do so. I'm getting increasingly tired of your permanent jibes.

People.....Take ur mind off Crypto and watch The Mandalorian episode 1

Acquiring XRP At Its Current Price Is Like Buying Bitcoin At $10, Crypto Enthusiast Opines ⋆ ZyCrypto

Xrp dropped 20% for about a week. Other cryptocurrencies did not fall significantly. This is because the announcement from swell is nothing special.

Lolzz i am new on crypto market 😂😂😂

2020 crypto go boom boom a little?

I agree, xrp is the only coin in the whole crypto space that has so much of delusional, false hopium, no other communities make so much noise as xrp one

Who would have thought Porn would save Crypto? 😁😂🤣 alts are moving up after that Pornhub news...

I was hoping they bring in kyc at some point. It'll be easier to sue these a-holes then. The crypto scape is so full of scammers everywhere in bulk