xrp/btc is up 5.69% 👍

Very beautiful stepladder candlesticks (30m) in XRP/BTC. Looks bullish.

All of that mostly irrelevant in 'crypto' still though as we know 😉It's a market mainly driven by noobs (altcoins esp), who buy in to get rich quick but lack of *any* understanding what they're actually buying and just repeat what some Twitter accounts are telling them.

Idk if it’s irrelevant, I mean, most people I talk to don’t want to hear about crypto, even the strong and all mighty Btc is around 50% from ath, 2 years after.So it’s was a bubble and psychology factor is pretty important as you know...But I’ll agree of the part that most of the ppl are just “want to get rich quick” without knowing what they buy

Gus Calabria
Are u dead?

Impossible 90% BTC since 2012 so living it up..

Go BTC channel good luck and let me know if u are dead before u go!

Come on He loves so much BTC and he made so much with it that he's on XRP channel living it up!Go to the barber I send u the money thru moneygram Don't worry

#XRP vs. #BTC - Apples vs oranges.

T.A .
I mean by i not understand about the price in 2017 reach 3 without news and 2019 with good news xrp go down

Hi, I think back then in 2017 everyone thought the train of Bitcoin had left the station and they were looking for whatever other ride to catch up, ICO fever, we got far in that fomo but today it’s different, most people believe most projects will fail and that only a hand full of projects my succeed, BTC of course they believe will become Gold2.0 and most seriously involve are afraid of Facebooks Libra thinking it cud mean Match, Set and Game for XRP. Who knows?? I see it definitely like a possibility and yes we can fail and be down to loose our entire investment, that is why is smart to be diverse with some others, personally BTC and ETH. But can you picture the scenario where XRP it’s declared Not a security, Libra never takes off or takes off based of XRP and XRP replaces Swift?? That will mean Moon! Mars! Lambo and you name what else man! 😎 for me it’s an irresistible bet and I will play it to the end

ooo kkk
The more it's adopted the higher the price needs to be

its the company that keeps the price down. they have to release a lot more xrp and the volume on xrp isent that high. i still have my trust in xrp, but btc and bnb will rise highest this year and maybe 2020 xrp will show moves up.. that my opinion

what have you been drinking?

Btc dominance can't go on like this forever

D J3
TA works

Now, if this TA you shared here wont happen, will you say that TA doesn’t work?Sep-oct Btc dominance should drop to 56-58%

"alt season" would require a large influx of new dumb money.I can't see that in the immediate future.

Neither can I, but I do see people taking profits from btc to buy oversold alts in the near future, meaning a mini alt season

Seriously, I am 51 years, if you are around my age group and invested in Crypto... ¿How much do you think is wise to invest in crypto in general? And out of that amount (in %) are you in with XRP?Note: I am only in the top 3, BTC, ETH and XRP

For now BTC is going down accordingly

If btc retests lows of 6-8k will alts rally or be dragged down further?

Is xrp the answer to chinese centralized mining coins like btc?

I hate to say it, but I think we are going sub $0.20 when Btc corrects to 6k-ish. Maybe as low as $0.15

Xrp like other currencies were moving in correlation with btc last year

I see a bottom forming on both XRP/USD and XRP/BTC, with another higher low on XRP/BTC, we might take another try at breaking 2800 sats

xrp btc will it go up?

btc xrp 2663 to 2560

I don't know, it all depends on the direction btc takes, if btc goes down xrp goes up, if btc goes up xrp goes down, I'm waiting to win something

Im switching my xrp with BTC 🙏🏻👍🏼❤️💋🚀🙌🏻