Ripple:Ripple's @navinblockchain discusses the fragmented payments landscape in Singapore and how #blockchain solutions like #ODL enable fintech innovation and instant, global #payments. to Tweet:

Extensive article on the potential impact of an IPO on Ripple, the token valuation and the market as a whole:
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Your wallet comes with the public addressGo to receive and it’s there

i know that like i said i am not the one using the wallet neither will i have access to the wallet itself i guess this is wrong channel i am asking the question in may be.I am developing something over ripple blockchain and exposing an api now i want to store some address when someone is giving me only private key

Heres my take, the financial markets collapse. The IMF has already stated they will use a distributed ledger system on the blockchain. In comes XRP. Then they peg to gold and other assets for stability. You have the perfect digital asset. Just my opinion.

hodl till 2050 because blockchain tech will be relevant in 30 years 🤓

Google blockchain dusting attack

Really to me this coin is the best thing since sliced bread because it's not a 2 dimensional application on the blockchain like bitcoin, it's the backbone of the internet of value, not something easily replaceable (like bitcoin)
Coindesk: Mastercard and Ripple's Xpring Join Industry Group to Promote Blockchain Education - CoinDesk.

I read that ripple starts freezing suspiciuos accounts on blockchain 👍👍

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guys, how does XRPL compared to Blockchain works ? do you have some video or so ?

Martin .
It will happen but not anytime so tho that’s all I’m saying..

I understand. I am not a day doesn’t matter to me if I buy at 0.18 or 0.30... it is still low. We are just at the beginning of Blockchain adoption. Nobody knows how high it can go in the future. All I see, is that 1 company( Apple) has 4x time the marketcap of the entire crypto market. It is just to put things in perspective.

“In fact, Ripple mentioned the bank as a “customer” during a presentation in late 2018. However, the bank has conducted the testing rather quietly, something that makes sense given that the institution has been somewhat apathetic to the new blockchain technology.”

Reddit forward:roughly translated the text February 18, 2020 Bank of America has joined the RippleNet network. The bank will use Ripple technology to speed international money transfers. Reduce costs and expenses by using blockchain technology."Bank of America brings new technology Always to bring to improve the user experience These technologies have changed the user experience, whether it is speed or reliability. Using RippleNet it meets the needs of our customers, ”said the bank.Bank of America began using RippleNet to increase payment efficiency between the United States and Mexico, and in the future plans to expand to Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Which the bank has also collaborated with Santander BankRipple CEO Brad Garlinghouse also said that it has not been a financial innovation that has been going on for over 50 years and this partnership is an important step."The financial industry has not been innovative for over 50 years, and this partnership is an important time to become a financial leader. Both Bank of America and Santander have adopted blockchain technology to enable payments in the United States. Is fast Convenient and at a lower cost than before. Bank of America is one of the leaders in the banking technology, and will play an important role in our network and the future of payment in the world. "Bank of America is a member of the RippleNet Committee and the world 's foremost financial institution providing services to customers, including companies and businesses soon. The company has more than 66 million service customers and more than 4,300 financial institutions, with over 28 million mobile users. The RippleNet board is responsible for establishing the regulatory and legal framework for RippleNet transactions.There are more than 300 banks, payment service providers and financial institutions participating in the RippleNet network.

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Kristian Dønnestad
So if every country just make their own crypto, how will bitcoin or any other coin survive? Why would companies use any other crypto than their national crypto currency?

blockchain is the answer, stronger network win. Make a new coin is easy, decentralized need safe network to transfer. Fiat digital goverment coin will under crypto network.

How many people have now had a small lesson in blockchain technology now?

remember in 2008 everyone was investing in uranium companies what happened after 2 years i am not comparing uranium to blockchain .. blockchain will be the next thing to internet of things ..but for the last 4 years yearly max is going down .. this is very serious thing if it’s a good i said before be mindful and do your own research

Hi Guys, for those of you in Berlin....On Friday, Konfidio and Untitled Inc are hosting an exclusive screening of the #CryptopiaFilm by Torsten Hoffmann. The documentary is a follow up from his first film, "Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It" In the second film "Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet" Torsten follows up with some of the most prolific personalities in the space and asks the hard questions. Anyway I thought this might interest some of you, so here's a link to possibly win a ticket as well as to buy one.The event includes a panel, discussion and networking drinks and food (Premium ticket holders)

You don’t need crypto but blockchain

most of the people who selling and buying have no idea about xrp ..they want to gain a quick money .. i don’t think they even know what is blockchain

RT @XpringDev: "As the world braces for change in global economic conditions, we believe that #blockchain technology can serve as an integr…

Ripple:RT @XpringDev: "As the world braces for change in global economic conditions, we believe that #blockchain technology can serve as an integral tool for developers to put the pieces back together." - @warpaul to Tweet:

there is not such thing as mass adoption, like at the sudden a bunch of people are going to join the blockchain industry. Is every week, every month, little numbers starts adding up

and not everybody will invest, most likely some will use dapps or other stuff without knowing they are using blockchain technology

RT @randizuckerberg: "The whole point of blockchain is that you're removing the intermediary, whether that be the banks, or other financial…

RT @randizuckerberg: "We need entrepreneurs focused on solving real problems with blockchain." @ashgoblue

RT @randizuckerberg: "The whole point of blockchain is that you're removing the intermediary, whether that be the banks, or other financial…

RT @randizuckerberg: "Identity how your product is better by using blockchain and really focus on that!" @ashgoblue


Because when 1 starts the rest will follow. And if you look at xrp and the company behind it they know exactly what they are doing. I use btc since 2011 and I strongly beleave that blockchain is the future.

But blockchain tech is different from cryptocurrencies. So is there a fundamental reason why crypto is needed?
the proposal was not being taken into consideration (if that's correctly phrased), and you can also find a link to the respective article when scrolling up ;)

Ok, but it doesn’t matter that it is not taken into consideration. It matters that Blockchain is being considered as a solution and talked about. Politics aside. Just my opinion.

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⁠Ripple’s blockchain game fund collaborator Forte Labs taps five new big game partners like Netmarble to streamline the industry

About Ripple Consensus Digital currency cross-border payment leader The Ripple consensus was jointly created by Owen Brayden, Ph. D, Dr Owen Brayden Finance, and the investment team and the ripple Cryptocurrency Lab Owen Brayden Owen brayden phd and team of mit finance has been engaged in and researched investments in Bitcoin, Ripple and other crypto digital currencies since 2011In order to promote the popularity of blockchain, Ripple Labs took out 5billion Ripple to implement the Ripple Consensus, making XrP the world's largest cross-border payment platform, and finally realizing the Ripple (rp) digital payment currency with higher value and high consensus

is that possible to buy XRP on coinbase/blockchain from my BTC wallet?

At last month’s Stanford Blockchain Week, CTO @JoelKatz explained why non-monetary incentives can lead to natural a…

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