but i can't because am relatively new here i can't post the screen shot

is about the government considering DLT

and we all know who built distributed ledger technology

Ripple already have their foot in the door with banks, now they just have to implement XRP as the preferred Digital payment.. Win Win.. we can only wish Aye😁🤷🏻‍♂️

if you hold xrp now u are already part of the future 1%



Should i buy now or wait for the dump

Should i buy now or wait for the dump

When dump?!? (As opposed to when moon, for the sake of diversity)😂

i was hoping for a quick dump so i can buy in

but i don't know for real 😳 it's seems xrp is perfectly positioned for this

Digital Dollar is a reality today

Almost all physical precious metals are sold out.

As the FED will create so much money.

Soon inflation / hyper inflation is here.

8-04 China 🇨🇳 fully open , good news for Btc —> check news

Hyperinflation will create a situation that nobody wants the dollar anymore.

Ripple going up

it will all burn people am like 99% in crypto and xrp is about 60% of my portfolio

This will also happen to (digital) fiat currencies they call money.

There are way way more digital dollars than dollar bills.

Btc looks to breakout in just some hours to 7K good news from China 🇨🇳

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Or breakdown to for fiat again🙈

Fiat is like a hot potato in your mouth during hyper inflation.

What would you do when it is burning in your mouth?

Fiat is like a hot potato in your mouth during hyper inflation.

When Fiat goes down crypto and every other market will go down too. Different times


When fiat is worthless they will turn to btc. And we know what happens to currency when they keep flooding the economy with trillions like they are right now. Get ready for hpyperinflation and maybe a total reset to a digital dollar. Gonna get interesting. Xrp will be one of their new banking tools

Maybe they will release Fedcoin.

xrp is best coin for payments, everyone knows

Don't accept Fedcoin.

It will be another scam.

it will be for inside usage

guys, who are victims of scam giveaways write me in pm or here