Hi guys , .Just say for example I clicked on the link in my XRP nano s where I had a small deposit appear .I took me to another page .Do I need to worry if that is as far as I went ? .It was a few weeks ago .Looking forward to hearing from you with some advice .Thanks guys 👍

Thanks GG . I'll have a look now

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Sorry , how do I search the chat ? Lol

😂 click the three dots upper right

Johannes Dowe
;) welcome

JD, just a quick question ..Do I need to worry about my XRP on my ledger because I clicked on the wallet address it was sent to me from ?

😁 in general you shouldnt click anything which you dont know where it leads you to 😇

As i dont see where you rly clicked and just assuming it might ve been harmless 😂

‼ Scam warning ‼ If you received an email from someone at Coindesk beware, it is a SCAM.Link leads to a fake coindesk site (Ethereum Phishing detected) This scam is similar to the recent scam that led to a fake Ripple / Bithomp site.

Have you heard about smart contract anyone here

Got to get more banks and financial institutions on board with XRP... only about 2 dozen were using XRP at the beginning of the year... Anyone know the recent count?

Get a username and profile image now and please. No more posts till fixed.

Catman: I promoted your XRP coin, and you're treating me like this?

I will leave this group, which seems to defy and censorship posts

Looks like btc is bearish rn

I am Crypto student
Looks like btc is bearish rn

The problem is that xrp is again in shitcoin mode:Low volumeSlower recover from the dump (see other coins did more)Let it go back to bull mode and bitcoin could even drop to 0, xrp will move against it

I will leave this group, which seems to defy and censorship posts

He's not trying to be rude he's just trying to protect the group from scammers.

I just think xrp will hold Sats in the next hrs since it hadn't many price fluctuations today.. There's a common hodl sentiment

ODL slowed down a little... I guess the arbitrage is not working as supposed and the big boys are triing to avoid a sudden jump of the prices.

Learn more about the @XpringDev initiative to bridge #XRP and #ETH using @Interledger. https://t.co/RCPJnlIUSe

Mox (No PMs and I never PM first). banned family crypto spammer

Mox (No PMs and I never PM first).
Yes will miss the quality promotions

lol! quality promotions? from whom? for what purpose? everything has a purpose and you cannot create wealth out of nothing... anyone's profit is a loss of another... nothing is free in this world. happy trading and holding guys... hold responsibly and trade carefully... lol!

Hope every has had a good day, and let the future be bright for each and every one of us putting good into this world.

Jim Richalds
Life is a scam sir. Worry about that first.

😂😂😂 there are so many things to worry about in life 😅

Ripple:Learn more about the @XpringDev initiative to bridge #XRP and #ETH using @Interledger. https://t.co/RCPJnlIUSeLink to Tweet: http://twitter.com/Ripple/status/1231016857810829312

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