Yeah they just added XRP

Kraken , xrp will 26.5 cents.15 min ago

Oh I can’t put a review link 😅 for BRD

But it seem like is pretty good

Not sure what’s the best mobile wallet yet

Tinkabellagal (No clones nor PMs thank you)
I can’t believe a word he saysHe waffles on about riddles

But he is verly lively each to are own But he has keeped me goingWhen ive wanted to pull outKeeped me been a crypto addit

Well apple pay is been used in every shop in the city im in the uk

If it’s integratedI would guess domestic would not use xrp, but possibly cross border...but idk because there are no official announcements to be found

Thats why nothing will be said about it.And why eyes are roled when xrp is mentiond ..They need this to go into effect quicky

Please i need an advice is abra wallet safe

Markus wagnër
Please i need an advice is abra wallet safe
This is what I foundYou can research itIdk if it’s wallet relatedRipple:RT @XpringDev: #Xpring SVP @ethanbeard explains how #XRP plays the key role in the Ripple and Xpring strategy in the latest Abra Money 3.0 podcast. to Tweet:

It's not funny or a conspiracy when CNBC calls the virus a "black swan event". Hang on to something big peeps

Xrp 1st place on binance volume!

Tinkabellagal (No clones nor PMs thank you)

I would think that KYC would be a part of the new rules... and I also think when these rules are rolled out, there will be a lot of dumping of some coins, and pumping into coins like XRP [XRP will likely be the big, big winner]... I'm looking forward to it... I have on my moon boots....!

Is XRP rising since a year ago? I don’t following it since a year. BTC is up so meaybe 🙏🏻

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"Previously for cross-border payments, you had to have bank relationships in every country, pre-funded accounts. No…

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