Why does the 6.2 mil have 500,000 drops yet the 20 mil transaction only has 12 drops?

You tell me:)

It makes no sense to me 🤷‍♂️ cheaper transaction cost more in fees?

I assume that's per Wallet address?

Stan Mihai

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Navajeevan C. V. C

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More than 50% of the people here invested in XRP just for retirement?

catman banned Mr. No Leverage!

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Many beautiful girl contact me from this group i think... 😁

They all scammers buddy!

Yeah the hair is a clear giveaway

Yeah and they all sat smoking sheesha in a Arab lounge 😂😂

😂😂😂 oh no.. so beautiful they are why they do that... 😂😂😂

Good time to buy Ripple before the price rises! Buy Buy Buy

They all scammers buddy!

Yes some of them offering me to investment platform..

Alexander S
Yes some of them offering me to investment platform..

Don't go there.. It's a scam buddy.. Which investment platform, a giveaway platform?

Hyip is a Ponzi scheme

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so what’s happening with the golden cross

Was a gold plated cross

IF btc goes down i dont think this golden cross Will matter

BTC is not going down! Billionaires are trying to get hold of it.. Just wait till it crosses 10k fomo alone will take it past 15k

I think 50 - 100 K within 2 years

The reddit time traveller says btc will be 100000 by year end