Alot using Gemini

Mohammad Issa

!warn get username and profile image ASAP please

Mohammad Issa has been warned (1/2)

Hey mods Im sorry

I accidentally clicked share

It wasnt even an XRP address

I wasnt sure if I had made the mistake becausw the message now seems deleted

But I will be careful next time

hobitcash has been warned (1/2)

There is 39 000 of us, and every one of us will become the richest person on the block!

How, I hear this all time but prices are stuck in the 40 cents.. When is the moon time?

can i talk here?

to you

Only if it’s relevant to the group.

I just want a chance to explain myself is all

I’m not removing your warning due to your suspicious behaviour. Forget about explaining yourself, it’s not necessary.

I feel like youre being a bit aggressive. I understand you have to be strict to restrict spammers and all but if you check my message history on here ive been compliant with the rules

If I could just show you what I did on my end, I feel like you would understand

Be happy he took the matter nicely.

Lenny Devine
He's not, you're lucky i didnt see it, you would have been banned.

Well alright. I understand you guys are running a group that is sensitive to attacks frequently.

No hard feelings but I think I'll show myself out for the time being and return a bit later if thats OK

No stellar $10

No stellar $10

Xlm $10 when xrp reach 39 usd

BTC will be 16k

Scary Cripto
If so... retirement... kkkk

pfft. You'd be crazy to sell XRP at that price. It'll be a lot higher in a few more years

Scary Cripto
I dont need too much

Why not? Why just retire for yourself when you could make all your siblings retire also