I'm a fucking financial advisor in the states I have a damn S7 licence

xRP is a damn good investment

Crypto is another market. Totally different. It doesn't work like stock market. I'm convinced that the fundamentals are different for a simple reason : crypto are too young to have any fundamentals.

any xrp satoshi targets in short term???

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With it you can make 1000 telegram apps

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It looks like investors have gotten into BTC, and then bought into XRP and other currencies... BTC was at 60% MC....

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Sell & buy later

Yes , but who know, i just sell all my holding

Guys, a Ripple-unrelated question

Has anyone ever tried to withdraw Fiat-converted Crypto from Bitfinex to CMI (Swiss bank) if No, what bank do you think is the one to go? (Europe-wise)

Sorry, CIM**

Everyone is up lol