There will always be a small retrace of course yes 💯 but I think we will see 50c-55c very soon tbh

Keep holding, MoonBoys.

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Xrp will reach moon soon

Haha just kidding

i buy 1kk xrp and sleep in cave

I don’t know want out and take profit

fadli tahir
$50 and dump

Can we really expect 50.. would be nice

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Hello, please tell me when go xrp/btc ?

Hello, please tell me when go xrp/btc ?

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What's up future millionaires

Yeah nice isnt it

Hope you guys a ready for the volume

Need $500 per xrp to be millionaire in my country

Just dont sell then

Waiting for a dip to buy more

John Coleman

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Don't lose your money. XRP will make a 20% correction. Now sell and after buy.

Just fuck me in my filthy ayhole !!!!!! 45 fucking cents wowwwww


you were not serious right?