Watch ATB Financial send $1,000 to Reisebank in only eight seconds, using the Ripple protocol.

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Why is there no internet for money, no simple, all-in-one solution to the problem of #payments?

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Cross-border payments make up $155 trillion annually, increasing almost 3 times faster than the global GDP.
RT @BLR13: Are banks curbing #blockchain investment or are #startup opps to great to keep innovators in house? Via…
"San Francisco-based blockchain payments company Ripple, is one of the handful integrating its platform with banks."
RT @BigchainDB: Thoughtful piece by @justmoon “The Subtle Tyranny of Blockchain” @Interledger @Ripple
RT @PJHines: Japanese bank consortium to build new payments network with SBI @Ripple Asia via @Finextra #blockchain…
RT @BankingTechno: [email protected] #blockchain powers #payments for Japanese bank consortium: #fintech #bankingtech https:…
Ripple Receives New York’s First BitLicense for an Institutional Use Case of Digital Assets
Amazon can ship over a billion products in a year, but it can't get its #payments handled in real-time.
RT @BainInsights: International payments lack transparency and often fail. Distributed ledgers can help: https://t.…
Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz (@JoelKatz ) will deliver a keynote address at this year's @CppCon
COO @bgarlinghouse makes the case against BankCoin and stresses importance of universality in a digital assets

COO @bgarlinghouse makes the case against BankCoin and stresses importance of universality in a digital asset

Credit Suisse cites Ripple as example tech for banks to cut costs and increase revenue in #payments.
RT @BankingInsights: At first look, #PSD2 is a disruptor—but banks should look again, says @AlanMcIntyre13. Read more.

Ripple Italia - italian chat about xrp - quite 100 members -

Banks Modernizing Core Systems Will Need the Help of Partners with @blr
Going Beyond #Blockchain, Pt. 1: Enabling scalability for the future
Going beyond #blockchain, Pt. 1: Enabling scalability for the future
[email protected]: Ripple's technology for cross-border #payments might prove an equalizer in world remittances
Google & Apple Prefer Ripple Blockchain Tech over Visa
RT @digifinancegirl: Going Beyond #Blockchain, Pt. 1: Enabling Scalability for the #Future | via @Ripple
Goldman Sachs: #Blockchain Billions
RT @Finovate: The Times of India examines the role @Ripple can play in reducing the costs of overseas remittances
RT @SimeonBGB: Wow! Google & Apple like Ripple's Interledger Protocol for interoperability, and because it's not Visa
Japan trade ministry explores the future of #blockchain
CGI's Ripple-enabled Intelligent Gateway
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Ripple's Head of Regulatory Relations @RyanZagone on how regulators can help drive innovation:
CGI’s Ripple-enabled Intelligent Gateway provides instant settlement of financial transactions.
Ripple Partners with Crypto Facilities for XRP Derivatives

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