hey guys welcome to working money channel

Finally xrp chat is alive again

Nothin is a threat to Xrp man

Mia Leone

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Just wait until Btc moves :'D

Keep it xrp here and you need a profile pic ASAP please

We get far too many shills

Keep it xrp please

Xrp needs those gains

(9 + 3) Giacomo F, please, send the solution to the math equation provided within the time amount specified to this group, otherwise you will be kicked. Thank you! (60 sec)

Xrp back on position.

I wonder if it's possible to track what market manipulators are doing? Do the big players get out of BTC into alt coins... and wait for increase... and then dump and take refuge back into BTC?... Just wondering if this play can be traced...

As they say, all ledger is open to public.