hey xrp friends, i'd like to report a most heinous scam

youtube is promoting an ad being run by a fake brad garlinghouse claiming to be having one of those giveaways

i reported it youtube yesterday but they're still running it

it upsets me because we all know they've blocked, flagged and demonatized their own content creators who promote cryptocurrencies for no apparent reason

i think youtube should be roasted for this.

i did, i'm just trying to bring awareness to this double standard they've set

brandon gresko warnings cleared by GreenGecko

thanks green, my hope was to bring awareness this scam so other people could maybe flag it as well

how do i make my username show up instead of my name?

i know the giveaway scam is old news, just grrr, okay nobody cares

they shouldn't punish people who do nothing wrong when they're willing to accept money to promote scam ads

this is about xrp to me

Asking you to stop spam at this point. Report on YouTube all we can do.

Anybody know what DS meant by xrp vs stable coin

Leeberty:Schwartz previously outlined how a fully-collateralized XRP stablecoin could be liquid on his Youtube channel last October. Rather than creating separate markets for each and every digital asset, trades take place in XRP so the stablecoin remains liquid irrespective of its popularity, he explained. - CoindeskThis part

Anybody know what the last part means?