Yes mate , no hard feelings we are a community and we most show that.

Marco Van Zanten
Big crash incoming i dont know for sure but i think it.

I remember the day I bought XRP at $0.012 and sold it all at $0.05 then waiting to buy back lol. Never came.

ripple is more beatiful 🙂

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now only buy, never sell till double digits price

I can say XRP is Store Of Bitcoin 😄

What do you think

Sell 3000 sat buy 2300

Hi addmin what is the xrp contract address on etherscan or ethplorer?

Binance delisting ftx coins😕

They were good for trading 🤧

Any thoughts price in xrp to btc now?

Buy now or wait few days?

If you want to trade ftx create an account on FTX Exchange

Marinko Herens
Buy now or wait few days?

Wait few days will back to support now is on resistance

Its time to sell xrp when hit 3k

Then buy back 2350

Arthur Արթուր
Do you feel my pain?

Barev brother, just wait, it will hit your ath again.

Why r u thinking so?

Base on my technical analysis will hit 3k sat bears are comin on few days and back to support either 2500 or 2300 if thats happen will buy again.

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Not much..a small bag

Good just have a track with my advce im waiting to get 3k for sell

How many bags of xrp u got

No one with an IQ above 20 will disclose that in a public chat.

Well dam on a Saturday

Any idea why this is going up?

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I bought at 3 dollars do you feel my pain?