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Ripple XRP Will Become No 1 if China Bans Bitcoin Mining - Today's Gazette - Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

- Assuming that XRP will become the cryptocurrency with the highest capitalization and that it will be first in mkc, occasional investors will put their money on xrp only because it is in first position (as happened with BTC so far). This pleases me because the price may be surprisingly high with speculation in the future.

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La Francia proporrà al resto dell'Unione Europea di adottare le proprie regolamentazioni per criptovalute
Ripple creators apparently sold yet another 20M tokens OTC. They are not intending to make you rich, only themselves.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulation 2019Published by Global Legal Group Ltd.Full PDF all 505 pages
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Se funziona non vedo perché debba rimanere circoscritta al loro ambiente. non volevo dire che fa concorrenza direttamente a ripple in senso stretto.... Ma è pur sempre una Coin che apra le capitali sottraendoli al resto

Questa sarà una notizia che porterà vagonate di soldi in questo mercato. È uno spot che meglio non si potrebbe chiedere dato che anche il tibetano più imboscato vedrà la scritta "cryptocurrency" sul suo account Facebook.

Hello friends! Did this week give you the opportunity to step back and appreciate the bigger picture when it comes to what Ripple has been doing? A couple of Christmases ago, I told you that some great things were coming. Can you hear me now when I say that there are plans, within plans, within plans? It’s been a tough journey on a wintry road at times, but the seeds that Ripple has been planting for years, have sprouted, grown, and are starting to bear very colourful fruit.MoneyGram working with Walmart wasn’t a convenient coincidence. It was purposely set up as a proving ground to test Ripple’s tech. The rumours were flying but Brad kept that ace up his sleeve and kept it close.On the 24th of January 2019, “So It Begins” was posted with the intention of highlighting the talks and rumblings going around the BIS and the upcoming meeting that would spell it all out for the world to see. Three mountains with messages couldn’t have been more blatant. As foretold in May of 2018, the die had been cast as soon as Genitor, or Ripple stepped into the river.The BIS meeting of May 14, 2019, was the day that Ripple crossed the Rubicon. The old kingdom was begrudgingly facing the fact that they had to change. The king, who is not AC, was in the room that day, and was quite perturbed. Help was needed, and when all eyes turned to Lagarde walking in with Brad on her arm like a prom date, Mizaru was kicked out of the chamber.How could everyone forget about that meeting so easily? The memories of the denizens of the internet is so fleeting at times.People are always asking me for answers. I can’t give them so readily. I can only share some clues, and breadcrumbs. Patience my friends. Patience! If I gave you all the answers, where’s the fun and learning in all that? Instead of answers, let’s try some questions instead.Who finally gave the “OK” to have a serious discussion in regards to cryptoassets and its future with the central banks of the world?What news could have been running around BIS channels that would have the old kingdom so shaken?When will the central banks finally decide to do what they have to do in order to not be outdone by a multinational corporation that wishes to establish their own cryptocurrency that would circumvent the traditional towers of power?Where were SWIFT’s solutions & presentation at the BIS?Why was Brad Garlinghouse sitting at that table?What happened after that meeting with the BIS on the 14th of May, exactly one month & 1,2,3 days later, on the 17th of June that had banks and institutions scrambling to talk to Ripple?1,2, & 3 is quite fascinating. A lot of my clues center around 1,2, & 3s. Some clues are never solved and that drives the bear crazy at times. Some big ones have been missed. I tried to make them much easier since coming back in December, but still, some are too difficult. 1,2, & 3 must be some form of cosmic number. Perhaps it has something to do with the bear going to the moon?God bless you all my friends. I receive so many messages and well wishes. I read them all. Remember, negative people will always try to tear you down and give you bad advice about things they know nothing about. Do your own research. Read from different sources and keep your eyes open. Dig and don’t let your guard down. There are many imposters and tricksters gleefully waiting for you to dump all your XRP when weak hands develop. I am one bear, not two, nor three. The bear doesn’t work with anyone except the bear. He will share what he can when he sees fit.Bearableguy123 only posts on Reddit via /r/rippled (1), Twitter under @bearableguy123 (2) & @321yugelbaraeb (3). For now, I am enjoying this party. Here’s to all you good folk out there striving for a better life. May good things continue to happen for us all.I hope you all are as happy as I am to bear witness to this great paradigm shift in the world of finance that XRP is in the middle of. The cryptosphere is still shaking to this day, and as you can evidently see, Ripple is the cause, and because of that, you should be ready
⁠Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue has suffered a major hack, losing 9.3 million XRP and 2.5 million cardano (ADA) from its hot wallet

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ApolloApollo is very much the newest of these platforms. The project is presented as containing all of the features that the other projects have in one way or another already pioneered while adding a few features of their own. Apollo was originally a fork of the NXT platform rather than Ethereum which unlike the other technologies in this list, gives importance to privacy and control over one’s data. Unsurprisingly this is also one of Apollo’s main objectives. In addition to multiple layers of privacy for one-to-one transactions through technologies like IP Masking and integrated coin shuffling, high scalability is also at the core of Apollo’s feature set with Hermes 1.0, Apollo’s newest update incorporating 2-second block speeds, faster than any of the other platforms.Apollo is a platform that is still very much in active development, perhaps more so than other technologies with core features still being worked on. Development has been consistent though, and features include a marketplace to allow users to list goods and sell them worldwide in a decentralized way, and which is fully finalized and decentralized is already live. This forms a key part of Apollo’s premise of avoiding regulation.Steve McCullah, Apollo’s Director of Business Development is bullish about the currency’s prospects.“The Apollo Foundation has launched the first all-in-one cryptocurrency focused on integrating every useful feature from mainstream cryptocurrencies and combining those with unmatched privacy and is now the fastest, most private and most feature-rich cryptocurrency on the market. Because of recent breakthroughs such as it’s Updater, which updates the blockchain using a transaction, Adaptive Block Generation and it’s two-second blocks, there is a case that could be made that Apollo is also the most advanced cryptocurrency.”A key selling point made by the Apollo platform is that the platform is unregulated, meaning that the privacy elements to it will be beyond any government control. At the same time, they promise to make the platform easily accessible to those who don’t have a bank account by providing physical buy locations, mobile options, and even creating a physical currency.